How to get started

Do you Actually want to Get started?
But have questions like:
«How do I Get going?»
«How to activate myself?»
«When will I get into creation-mode?»
«Where to start?»
-Come up and de-activate you from actually starting?

The answer to all these things are So simple you probably have dismissed it many times already.
Because you have heard it so many times before, from so many People, including yourself, but that doesn’t make it any less true, significant or profound.

But, if you truly want to get going, you might consider to listen and actually implement it now, even though you feel you have trues that a million times.

All of those stories and conclusions of jadedness doesn’t change the nature of the answer,

Cause the thing is:
Activation is So simple.

All the questions above, gives away their own answer; so obviously, and yet; so hidden.
Hidden in plain sight. Just strip the questions you ask yourself, from all what indicates you don’t have the answer right in front of you already; the questioning.


What is that question you ask yourself, in times of stuckness, stagnant-ness, passiveness, with that urge to actually move forward. Dig out, that question, and wright it out / formulate it clearly in your mind.

So simply take that sentences, and remove the words suggesting that it is a question.

So taken the sample sentences above, I’ll strip the first two words, and the question-mark in the end:

How to get going? = get going

How do I activate myself? = I activate myself

When will I get into creation-mode? = get into creation-mode

Where can I start? = I Start

you know this

You see? There is actually no need for a how, a where, or a when. You know this; instinctively.
You know this; experientially.
When you have been truly inspired, or simply too tired of trying to figure out how/where/when to do it.

You just did it.
You just went for it.
You simply started doing what you know you want to do.
That’s why the expression: “just do it!» is something that at some level, rings true in everyone. Even though most of us are not living it, we all have this deep, instinctive, but subtle sense, that’s something is true about that.

Now after taking the time and energy to read this, I want to make you conscious of that you do have a choice. You most probably will still go on living your life, buying into the illusion of the how’s, the where’s and the when’s just like nothing happened. In which case I have fulfilled my honor/duty to the best if my ability, by providing catalyst for you to wake up. How you utilize that; is up to you.

This has at least left a hole in the matrix of your mind, added another drop to the cup of frustration with your current state. As well as provided you yet another instruction which, if followed, will lead you out of the labyrinth of passiveness. Now it’s up to you, Cause remember; you do have a choice.


Remembrance from B. S. S.

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