A coaching package contains:

  • 2-4 Coaching-sessions pr. month of 60 minutes, and is done over Skype (and sometimes in person)
  • Continuous WhatsApp support for follow-up, accountability and whatever-might-come up.

I want to follow my coachees closely, always be available on their pocket. That being said, I am flexible, and want to do what works best for you. I am all about designing a unique coaching relationship that fits perfectly for you, and you want to "accomplish".


people ususally comitt to at least 3 months of a contionus coaching relationship, but it's also possible to sign up for 6 or 9 month packages. its often after a few sessions that we really can go deep, and the real magic happens.

I want to set you up for actually achieving the shifts and transformations you want. For that I need you to actually commit, to your own transformation. After three months of continues coaching and implementing, you will be able to see radical and fundamental shifts and transformations in your life, and in yourself.

The Magic of Coaching

There is so much that could be said about coaching, and how brilliant of a modality it is. What really makes the machinery move, what actually produces the results, is the magical component of coaching:

The energy that the coach and the coachee create together. A space of pristine clearity and directness combined with a heightened willingness and readiness. This space is extremely conducive for new insights and deep remembrance to arise naturally.

Ready to go for it?