Third wave; Oct 2018  -Fully booked-

Fourth wave; Feb 2019  -Spots available-

Are you;

-An Intuitive meditator, looking to take skill into action.

-One who is ready to step out of your comfort, and into confidence.

-One who knows you want to work with helping people, but don't really know how.

-One who is ready to play bigger.

-Already a therapist/guide, looking to enhance your transformative communication skills.

-Sensitive empaths, who want to share their innate gifts with the world.

-One who already knows you want to be of service, but you're stuck.

-One who is ready to decide that you are ready!

What will you learn?

-How to turn conversations into transformations.

-A solid framework to be of service.

-Effective tools to radically shift your clients energy.

-Transformative techniques to accelerate your client's process.

-A complete skillset to turn your intuitive abilities into a job.

-A coaching technique that builds on and enhances your alignment.

-Learning  and experiencing the powerful effect of being present for another.

-How to keep yourself out of the way, and watch the other transform.



This is a four month program, consisting of:

-Weekly content session with Q&A (for the first three months)

-Weekly follow-up group / supervised coaching-triangle (with feedback from teacher)

-Weekly coaching practice with a peer.

-Weekly being coached by a peer.

(all in all, the course will take approximately 4-5 hours a week)

-A supportive community, that reflects and encourages you to be your best self.

-Attentive guidance throughout the whole program, and follow-ups after the three months are finished, to make sure you will succeed.

If you are feeling insecure you're welcome to take this course for your own personal growth. This program is designed to make sure you will be a confident and skilled coach/facilitator by the end of this course, which we will achieve with a lot of personal attention & practice.

Take a quantum leap in own growth, by changing the focus from your little processes, lifting your view, making yourself available for helping others.

Aim bigger, experience the radical shift.



Are you ready to step out of comfort & into confidence?


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*To assure the quality of the program & the coaches I educate, and to make sure you and this program are a good match, we'll have a chat after you have applied.