Coaching from a rooftop in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Coaching from a rooftop in Amsterdam, Netherlands

 Bård's Biography

As a curious little boy, looking out the window to the forest and the sky with a mind filled with thoughts of how and why, I never really feel matched by my classmates ‘cause they weren’t like me -they didn’t understand. So I spent most of my time playing with the wild animals and swinging in the treetops.

At the age of 15, after a little teenage-detour, I got back on track, I wanted to take care of the environment/planet. So I moved away from my familyto study organic farming, started meditating & contemplating, and quickly realized that all I want in the end, is to be happy.

After attending my first retreat, there was no question, I devoted myself to this path of seeking, got a sanyassin-name from my guru. And used all themoney I could condure up, to go to retreats. After several years living in cabins, tipees and caves, meditating, growing my own gardens and chanting mantras around the fire in the cold winter-nights.

After sevral years of this life, an urge to share all the joy and happiness I had found, became so big that I couldn’t just stay there anymore. I had to go out in the world, to share, serve and crystallise even further from the reflections provided out there.

Since then I have been learning from, travelling  and serving the world to the best of my ability, most palpably through coaching, and being myself but also by participating in a bunch of retreats, and completed a ICF accredited coach-training-program. Now its my great honor and joy to serve the truly devoted ones, by accelerating their journey through the roof.

My Epic Colleagues

Whom I trust to uphold the greatest alignment, and deliver you the very best of help, support & guidance


Rashma Lalita

Life Purpose activator

Calling work    -    One-on-one

Retreats      -         Videos

 Online programs & voicerelease



Eva Driessen

Surrender Guide

Silence immersion    -    Retreats

workshops                -       1 on 1

Dance  &  devotional song



Soemeh Brands

Open Presence Facilitator

Foresting         -         Retreats

Playfull          -          Events

Presence & Freedom Facilitation


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