Week Nr:                     Numbered 1.2.3...= content session            Cursive = Smaller group session

        1. Be Available, Hands off, no advice-coaching approach + Empowering questions + Intro to Buy-in

-Follow up-sharing-

        2. Golden Four starting questions + Be direct + Intruding +Preperations & after the session                                              *start coaching relationships* 


        3. Introductory/exploratory session + Initial/First session

-Follow up-sharing-

        4. Ending the session: accountability, Forwarding action, AIM SMART


       5. Check up, fill up, step up?

-Follow up-Sharing-

        6. More Relevant Coaching skills - Buy in-recap


        7. More relevant Coaching skills -exercise-

-Follow up-Sharing-

        8. Niche, specialty and marketing + more skills

-Niche triangle-

       9. Check-in, Fill-in & Guidance session +                                                                                                                                   *Switch up coaching relationships*

-Follow up-Sharing-

        10. How to provide relevant information + breakthrough coaching


         11. Q & A Wrap up and recap it all + add what we missed -Intro accountability- 

-Follow up-Sharing- (Set accountability)

        12. Graduation+ Reflection day!  + Q & A

            13.-16. Bi-monthly/weekly follow up-Sharing or Triangle


        16. Check in accountability + Freshen up skills > get back on track!


        18. Follow up-Sharing


        20. Accountability Goal-date. Where do you go from here?

*Every week until (at least) week 18. you will get a coaching session from a peer, and give coaching session to a peer

**During the course there will be 2-3 one-week integration breaks, which will be scheduled in advance, when appropriate.

***Be alert! changes in the schedule may happen at any moment.

Ready to dive in?