Anja Simic

"He holds such a pure space of presence to help you see/hear your own truth and inner guidance.

Makes comfort-stretching feel easysqueezy & exciting in a bullshit-free zone full of love & faith.

Go wander with him!"

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Eva Nuijten

"Being around Bård as a friend had me decide to take him on as a coach

  • Dedicated
  • Radical
  • Unconditional love and support
  • Fully THERE
  • Clear guidance, no fluff

Go get him - He's the shit!"

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Martha Hillhouse

"My sessions shone a light on where I am powerful. Bård's presence is direct, loving and expansive. I had the most intense experience, ever, of being seen by someone steady and open in this lifetime. It is a gift to receive guidance from Bård's generous and brilliant perspective; his commitment to me is preciously, delightfully and infinitely streamlined."

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What I Provide

Transformational coaching for devoted spiritual adepts. Ready to step up, and live in radical alignment with the highest for them. We see that as the most rapid way to upgrading this civilization.

If you are one of them, I would love to assist you in upgrading your life and accelerating your crystallization by helping you to;

-Clarify your path,                                                                   so you can move forward with confidence

-Step up / take more free-will-mass,                                 to help more people and further purify yourself

-Understand & apply advanced spiritual teachings

-Dismantle your limiting beliefs

-Give up the struggle,                                                             so you can relax and be free to move once again.



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