Coaching = keeping your eye on the ball

The tools and technics of real coaching, is really just tools and technics to stay as alligned as possible in the face of another.

They help you keep “your eyes on the ball.”
The ball here being the highest benefit of the other. You hold that vision, that intention, higher then your “day-to-day-self.” Higher then your re-actions, your habitual response to the circumstances, coming from your conditioned self, your compensating self.
Which I have found to be extremely potent technics to integrate being that has already done a great deal of work on themselves. Cause they have already exercised their “allignment-muscles” quite a bit, and they are ready for a more heavy lift. Infact they get dissatisfied, bored and even depressed by not having a proper weight to lift.

These technics gives you an easy way to again and again you choose that higher intention, over the immediate reaction. It really comes down to that choise. Yes, to be able to consistently choose he highest takes a great deal of dedication and practice.
But it is ultimately just a choise. And the more you see the value of the highest, or perhaps more importantly: The more you see the futility of going with the habituated self, seeing its patterns of trying to perpetuate itself through self-validation. You will naturally start to come more and more from your allignment, in any situation.
There is tricks and hacks out there that will make this choise more palpable and more available to you / your conscious mind. The best set of hacks I have found for helping someone directly in a conversation, is coaching.

That’s why I teach this to (the right) people so passionately. Cause I see the huge potential benefit, they could make in others lives, and as a result of that, also in their own lives. They need the new challenge of helping others directly through their allignment, and the world out there needs them.
And it is my joy to help make their highest expression available to the people out there!

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